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Introduction of Topic

The first few minutes of every lesson are spent introducing the topic of the day. As a class, we'll go over the pre-set questions as well as how to answer them naturally. After this basic explanation, students get into pairs to practice the target question, and also create follow-up questions and answers related to the answers received. 

2  —

Practice, Practice, Practice

The majority of every lesson is spent practicing that day's target language in pairs. Student A asks student B the target question, and student B answers. Student A then asks two or more follow-up questions related to the answer received. After both students have had a chance to ask and answer questions, students find a new partner and do the same thing over again.

3 —

When Struggling, Ask the Teacher 

When students are struggling to ask or answer questions, can't think of a vocabulary word, or just need a bit of support, they should always ask the teacher. The teacher takes notes on the whiteboard so that students can refer back to them when needed. The teacher is there for your support, so don't be afraid to ask for it when needed.



Adult 2 is for students who already have the ability to have basic conversation in English. Rather than simply focusing on a single grammar point, students have the opportunity to work on their conversation skills while talking about a pre-selected topic.

Unlike in free-talk lessons where individual speaking time is limited, working in pairs ensures that ever student has an equal chance to speak. No need to worry about one student monopolizing the lesson, or of being too scared to voice your opinion in front of the entire class. If you're looking to improve your English fluency and confidence in your speaking ability, this is definitely the choice for you.

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