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Explanation of Grammar Point

The teacher spends five to ten minutes of every lesson explaining the target question, as well as how to answer it. The teacher then elicits different answers from the class to ensure that everyone has a general understanding.

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Practice, Practice, Practice

The majority of every lesson is spent practicing that day's target language in pairs. Student A asks student B the target question, and student B answers. Student A then asks two or more follow-up questions related to the answer received. After both students have had a chance to ask and answer questions, students find a new partner and do the same thing over again.

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When Struggling, Ask the Teacher 

When students are struggling to ask or answer questions, can't think of a vocabulary word, or just need a bit of support, they should always ask the teacher. The teacher takes notes on the whiteboard so that students can refer back to them when needed. The teacher is there for your support, so don't be afraid to ask for it when needed.



Are you a struggling beginner? Or have you been studying English for years but are still unable to speak? In Adult 1, we practice one basic grammar point per lesson, so even true beginners can understand and participate.

After practicing the same grammar point for one 40-minute lesson, students usually have a pretty good understanding. Even though a different grammar point is focused on every lesson, students also have the opportunity to practice grammar points they've studied in previous lessons. By using the same questions and answers over and over, comprehension and fluency are guaranteed to improve. 

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