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Why do most Japanese people struggle with English conversation even after studying English for years? It's common sense. They haven't had sufficient opportunity to practice speaking English. How can we help you with this problem? It's simple. By making the goal of every lesson to maximize individual student speaking time. Want to increase confidence in your speaking ability? 


Do you need to learn specific English for your job? Or are you planning an overseas trip and want to learn how to order at a restaurant or buy clothes in English? Whatever your situation may be, man-to-man lessons at MES are tailored to suit your individual level, interests and needs.


Whether you'd like to do role-playing, or use a textbook of your choice, we've got you covered.


We're here to help you reach your English goals whatever they may be. 


MES was created for one reason, and one reason only: to help students achieve their English goals.


How do you get better at anything? By practicing as much as possible. How can students become better English speakers? By speaking more. For this reason, every lesson at MES, whether it be kids or adults, is designed in a way to maximize individual speaking time.

Want to improve your English speaking skills? Speak more English.





At MES, we teach kids ranging from 18 months of age to high school students. Like all lessons taught at MES, the goal of every kids lesson is to maximize individual student speaking time. To keep students entertained and engaged, games are incorporated into the lessons; students are able to quickly improve their English without feeling like they're studying. 

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